Wireless Internet means you receive your Internet connectivity through a wireless CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) on your roof. This CPE points to our nearest tower to connect to the Internet.

Jenny Internet is the first ISP to give their clients the power to shape their own lines. Wireless Business is designed specifically for business usage. We provide you with a control panel that enables you to improve your business connection even if everyone in the office is sitting on YouTube. The high priority business setting, gives you a seamless high speed connection that is uninterrupted by video streaming.


  • Uncapped and Unthrottled
  • Jenny Priority Flow (control panel to shape your own line)
  • Designed specifically for business usage.
  • Low contention and latency
  • Fantastic support via our call-centre, backed up by local technicians
  • Online account management

Why shaping is necessary for an ISP ?


No Shaping

A totally unshaped Internet connection is usually advertised as an advantage but its NOT. If your connection is being abused, the service you want to use online will not necessarily work correctly.  This means your ISP’s network is also not managed optimally.

ISP Blanket Shaping

ISPs with the right equipment try to shape your connection so that you get an overall good Internet experience. This does not work because the provider does not know how you use your Internet. They largely guess what you use it for. For example, if you have a video editing business and your ISP shapes Video Streaming, you will not be able to get the best possible speed out of your Internet.



Featured Products

Wireless Business Uncapped Up To 6Mbps

P 799.00

Wireless Business Uncapped Up To 10Mbps

P 1499.00

Wireless Business Uncapped Up To 15Mbps

P 2199.00

Urban (Within 250km of Gaborone)

Uncapped Price p/m
25 Mbps P 2499.00
20 Mbps P 1999.00
10 Mbps P 1099.00
7 Mbps P 799.00
5 Mbps P 599.00


Setup and Installation Options

Option 1 - Equipment Rental
  • Setup fee on equipment rental P 999 (Once Off)
  • Equipment rental is subject to approval by Jenny Internet.
    • High Power CPE Equipment Rental: P 224 per month
  • Download Equipment Rental Pricelist and benefits (Click Here) 
  • One year contract period applies
  • Only on Direct Debit payment option
  • Equipment remains the property of Jenny Internet


Option 2 - Equipment Purchase
  • High Powered CPE Installation :  P 3799 incl VAT (once off payment)
  • Month to month contract


Terms and Conditions
  • All of the above installation options are subject to feasibility and approval by Jenny Internet. 
  • If extra equipment or labour is needed on the day of installation.  You will be notified before work is started and you will be-able to decide if you would like us to proceed with the extra work.
  • We recommend purchasing an internal wireless access point if you would like to connect to your devices on Wi-Fi.
  • All prices on this website include VAT, all prices listed are per month, unless otherwise stated.

Monthly Service Discount Option

Monthly Service: Pay a year upfront and get ONE month FREE

Get one Month Connectivity FREE, If you pay a year up-front for any Wireless Business Lite service of Jenny Botswana 
Pay for 11 months upfront and get 12 months service. (ONE MONTH FREE)

Our Guarantee

Get your SPEED or it's FREE!

Too many Internet service providers advertise speed but do not deliver the service promised.
Jenny Botswana has the fastest international traffic in Botswana.
We are so confident in our services that: We GUARANTEE you will get your SPEED or you get it free.
If we cannot deliver the service we advertised we will credit you the whole month.

Click here for Terms and Conditions

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