Jenny Black Friday Sale 2022

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Black Friday Terms and conditions

  • You need to have submitted a complete signup form, completed during the sale before Friday evening on 25 November 2022 at 23:59.
  • The special is Free Setup and  1 month FREE.  We will set the billing START DATE to 1 month from your installation.  Example: If your service is installed on 5 December 2022. Your billing START DATE will be 5 January 2023.
  • Setup is FREE but we need One month's Service paid upfront to qualify for the deal.  (This saves us from freeloaders)
    • This means that your next payment will be for month 3.  
      • Month 1 = FREE
      • Month 2 = Service Fee Paid upfront.
      • Month 3 = Your next payment.
  • These specials are only available to new customers, no migration is allowed for current customers.
  • Wireless Home services are not available for businesses.
  • If the installer cannot reach the speed of the service you have purchased when the service is being installed. You will have the option to downgrade to a lower-speed service that is feasible.


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